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Specify multiple contacts from Customer Info table in Power List

  • 28 March 2016
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Business Need:

We require the ability to specify multiple contacts from a Power List originating from an Opportunity.  The Contacts we need to send to are specified on a custom object we have called Customer Subscription Contacts (CS Contacts).  To make a connection to the proper contact, we have mapped proper CS Contacts into the Customer Info table.  

We now need to specify in the Power List criteria multiple Customer Info email addresses for the Power List to generate.


Allow for multiple contacts to be specified in the To Filtered Accounts section of Power List.


Our workaround for this was to create 3 different Power Lists (one for each email address we need to specify) and 3 associated Outreaches.  As you can imagine, this will get rather messy to maintain as we grow.

1 reply

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Multiple powerlist in one outreach is not possible right away because the token mapping is between powerlist metadata and the email tokens will get tricky. 

ContactId Name in powerlist 1 and powerlist 2 is literally independent so that link should be perceived smartly without asking user :) 

Will discuss further with the team and let you know.