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SMS/text Message option within Outreaches or CTA task

  • 23 March 2018
  • 2 replies

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With all the text messages that we get for appointments and account updates, I am curious about the interest level and use cases for adding SMS/texts into Gainsight Outreaches or even a new "Text Assist" CTA task option? 

These options/features do not exist and they are not part of the active Product Roadmap, so your feedback and upvotes will help us to gauge interest and learn more. 

Thank you! 

2 replies

I think this would be awesome, especially for our customer base who is always on the go.

I’m getting this request from CSMs recently.  More and more customers are engaging, asking questions, and looking for best practices via a quick text to their CSM.  Seems there is a need for an option to integrate SMS to timeline activity tracking and/or CTA creation/tasks.