Simplying Data Designer and out of the box dataspaces

  • 29 March 2021
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Cloudbees is doing a ton of great things with Gainsight. They want reports that will require seeking information from multiple objects.  The answer here is data designer. But here is the thing. For the most common use cases, we should have data spaces that are out of the box. For example, to report on the latest timeline activity on a CTA is a very common use case (it is also a part of our recommended WBR process). Then why not use have these common objects available to begin with so that everyone is not starting from scratch. 

2 replies

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This is brilliant. +1! 

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Hi @meenal_shukla 

We definitely wanted to make it easy to address some use cases either via OOTB data spaces or via some functions. I have posted a variant of this earlier.

However, due to lack of engagement, its pushed a bit further on the roadmap to medium term.


@All, do upvote this if you want to see this OOTB.