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Show 'Custom status' on success plan widget

  • 13 August 2018
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Customer have an active success plan on this account that is showing correctly in the Summary Widget - where it shows open success plans and open objectives on those success plans.

We've added a custom status to objective CTA type called Waiting for Customer. This has an open reporting category. I would expect this Reporting Category to make that objective also show in the success plan widget but it doesn't seem to be.

screenshot link:

Currently, our Summary widgets only shows information like number of Active Plans and its type along with number of open objectives

Is it possible to add a open category 'custom status' to the success plan widget?  (or) can it be done by hacking the json? If, not can we please consider this as enhancement request

1 reply

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Hi Hardik,

Let me know if I understand you correctly, you have a custom staus called "Waiting on customer"....the success plan has some objectives with that status.....but they are not being counted as "open objectives" in the widget. Is that correct?