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Set Success Plan Types as inactive

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Currently It’s not possible to set a Success Plan Type to inactive in the SFDC version of Gainsight, but NXT just recently got this ability. I was hoping it would roll out in today’s release (6.14) but after checking the release notes, and Gainsight itself, I see it was not.


Is there a timeline for when this will be made available in the SFDC version?

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@tyler_tew This enhancement is pushed to 6.14 Release. Please have look at the article

Admins can make the Success Plan Types Inactive by unchecking the Active option from the Success Plan Type section in the Success Plan page. You can deactivate a Success Plan Type, even if it is used in the existing Success Plans. 

A Success Plan Type cannot be made inactive if it is used in a Rule. If you try marking inactive, you will see “Picklist is used in the Rule Names warning message. 



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Yes, it was pushed to NXT, which is what I called out, and what your link is showing.

I am asking about the SFDC version since that’s what my org uses.

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@tyler_tew The underlying Salesforce object for Success Plan Types is GS Meta Info (JBCXM__GSMetaInfo__c). If you grab the record for the Success Plan Type, there is an isActive field. I am going to uncheck this in my org and see if it leads to the result I desire and will provide feedback. Attached a screenshot of the GS Meta Info tab in Salesforce. If you are not a Salesforce Admin, I would reach out to the Admin at your company, or we can connect. Thanks


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@tyler_tew No luck. Strange that this field exists on the backend, but doesn’t provide the functionality we’d expect.

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We do not have this capability in the SFDC Edition. We have introduced the capability to make SP types inactive within our NXT edition. At the moment, we don't have plans to add this capability to our SFDC edition