Set score based on survey response

  • 15 February 2016
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There are a few questions in our survey which help us predict churn. The native survey functionality is great in showing us what people responded and how, but I'd like to create a report, or better rules to change scores. 

Is this something I'm missing? 

5 replies

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Hi Lane,
Currently we have ability to Set Score only based on NPS response and not on other questions response in Survey. However we are working towards it and once we place it on roadmap I will update this thread.
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Thank you for the update! Are we able to create reports based off of other questions in the survey?
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Hi Lane,
With our current capabilities, we only have out of box reports for Survey Questions available in Analyze tab.
However we are working on ability to provide custom reporting using Reports 2.0. It is very much in its earlier stage and actually delivery is TBD.
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Hi Praneet, 

Has this update being pushed out yet? I would love to change scorecard color based upon a survey question.


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Hi AnnaBelle,

Donno if have been able to do this/its still relevant, but currently there is an option to flatten surveys which brings the survey data into a single object. This can then be used to build reports or run rules to change the scorecard color.
You can find more details here: