Send adhoc email assist from Success Plan objectives

  • 16 December 2019
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It would be great if we had the ability to send adhoc email assist messages from a Success Plan objective.


Use Case: some customers use Success Plans + playbooks to help guide implementation or migration projects. Depending on the implementing customer’s use case + project details, there are different version of the same email a CSM may want to send during the project. Instead of having to creating a Playbook with every single version of the EA task included, it would be great if we could select the adhoc version to send on the fly.


8 replies

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Hi @carolyn_dibuono 

Thanks a lot for sharing this. As of today, you can do that from the cockpit section on the 360 (send an email from objective CTA’s from the cockpit section). We will be extending it to the success plan section in the future

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I ran into this limitation recently. It was confusing for the customer as to why they can’t do this from the objective layout even though it looks similar to cta layout. 

Any update on when this might be included?

We use Success Plans for tracking onboarding and would like to build email templates for different stages.

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Hi @mkivisto @john_apple 

The ability to “send mail” from objectives in success plan is in development, hence will be available soon.

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@Anil Raj Pujari do you have an ETA on when “soon” actually is?

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This feature is part of new success plans horizon experience which is in beta phase. Hence should be available soon

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Looking forward to seeing this soon!

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In the Success plan Horizon Experience  which was released in V6.26, user can send adhoc emails from objectives.