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Second Attributes Section

  • 5 April 2016
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We are working to streamline the way our CSMs work in Gainsight and Salesforce to keep them from having to toggle back and forth on accounts. We have a section on the Account Record where our CSMs track different aspects of churn (why, how much, when). I'd like to be able to have a section in the C360 where they can do this.

We have populated a few fields into the Attributes section they can edit, but it would be easier to import the section into the C360 and have the fields editable there. I asked my Support rep and he said we could possibly port this over but when the CSM would need to edit it, it would open the SFDC account record.

It would be wonderful to be able to create a second section on the C360 that had the same functionality as the attributes section to be able to pull over and edit the info right on the C360.

2 replies

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Our relationship 360 already has the capability to have multiple editable attribute sections and it our plan to also add similar capabilities to Customer 360. 

While we do that, is there any reason why you do not want to add the churn related fields to the existing attributes sections other than overloading the sections with lots of fields without an ability to group them logically?
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Hi Sidhu,

We will go this way for the time being, but I wanted to make sure I posted the request for multiple Attribute type sections on the C360.

Some of our fields don't require much space, so it would be great if we could also configure the Attribute section to have 3 columns instead of 2.