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Scorecards for Users

  • 23 September 2021
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Hello -


Do you have any plans to implement a scorecard measure for Gainsight users?  Adoption is such a big part of being a Gainsight admin, and it would be amazing to set thresholds for users in a rules engine and use them to populate a scorecard.   Currently, we use reports and dashboards to leverage this, but I think there is high value in being able to leverage the power of scorecards.


Some use case examples: 

  1. Easy to track new hire Gainsight adoption.
  2. Create CTAs/Programs to end users and leadership if usage trends downwards.
  3. Create easy to digest reporting across the org for user adoption.
  4. New process/feature adoption metrics

2 replies

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Hello @Justin Bills, thank you for your post. Forwarding this to our Product Manager to help you better. 

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Hi Justin,


Thanks for the post. It’s a good idea. However, this is not a part of our near term roadmap. We will be on the lookout for similar posts, and consider this if there are more such asks.