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Scorecard - Increase Character Limit on Grade Schema

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Currently GS has never handled scorecard for color blind people very well. Multiple ideas have been thrown around. However, if the character limit for the Grade schema could be increased from 2 this would solve the use case.



This would give you Colored Text


Note, I got the full word Green in there by adjusting the HTML code. Obviously not something that should be done. But, I was just testing to see if it was possible and what would happen. It seems like the 2 character character limit is just some hard coded limitation that can be adjusted and then this would be a huge solve for it.


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Yes that would solve the use case.

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@Wayne We already show the label when they hover on the measure. We are working on a revamp of the scorecard section, and We will make sure to show the labels on the slider as well.

Would that solve your issue?




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Shantan, because that setting is not visible when selecting manual colors. All you get are colored boxes that are indistinguishable to colorblind people.


Nor does it allow a hover text.



Which is why if we could use grade and change the number of characters it would solve the use case of providing colors and labels.

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@Wayne Thanks for the post!
If what you are looking is to label the colour, why no use the color or numeric scheme, and then add whatever label you’d like? 

The grade scheme is generally intended for for people who use a grading scheme( A/B/C/D) for scoring. Do let me know if this solves your use-case.