Scorecard Fast Pass Override

  • 28 March 2016
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We would like to have a "fast pass" Override that allows us to set some rules to affect the overall health score for issues that specifically need higher levels of attention.  We already  have a tiered rule system that runs based on time and has the most severe (lowest score) rules running last every night.  However,  it would be extremely valuable to be able to set a specific reason code to affect the OVERALL health score instead of having to estimate the affect on the overall score by creating multiple CTAs in  different areas in order to get the visibility for higher risk accounts.  The current system that we have has potentially resulted in lots of noise in our system.  I am told that an update coming this Spring/Summer might be able to provide some form of this, but I wanted this situation to be considered as the new scorecard schema was being developed.  Thanks!

4 replies

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Elise - Are you looking for a "trump card"?  Basically a setting that would allow you to say "if this condition happens the overall score needs to be red"?  We do plan to add that to our scorecard revision we are working on.
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Yes!  Our score is entirely data- based (Auto and Manual CTAs) without CSM sentiment, so we would need some type of numbers based trump card override.  That's very exciting!
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Hi Elise , 

As Denise mentioned , to elaborate further what we are thinking is something along these lines -

Let us assume that the overall health score is affected by the following parameters

Overall Health Score  
 - Company Score
      - Champion Turnover
      - Cutbacks
   - Usage
Here Company Score is a group which consists of two measures champion turnover and cutbacks while Usage is a seperate measure in itself. You have a defined set of weightages for each of the three measures. However , let us assume company cutbacks is extremely critical for your business and when that measure is in red , you want that to highlight the overall company score as Red in your discussion with executives. 

When you create a scorecard apart from setting the usual weightages , you can define exceptions which state that If Champion Turnover is Red , then Overall Health Score is Red immaterial of the other scores. Whenever a CTA runs and sets the value of cutbacks to Red , then the exception will be triggered setting the overall health score to Red.

You can also define exceptions which are a combination of "OR" or "AND" between two or more measures which will trigger the exception.

Please note that the exceptions are based of certain measures and not conditions. Finally , it is the underlying measures which will drive the overall health scores either via weighatages or through exceptions. 

Hope this helps. I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts regarding the same.

Abhishek S
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We share the same challenge, and this sounds like a good enhancement. We'd use this to change overall health based on any one or many of a number of scorecards - which hopefully is possible - as with the current fixed weight towards total per scorecard, once you have a number of scorecards (we have 8 currently) the overall health always tends to look 'green'