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ScoreCard 2.0 Exceptions

  • 25 May 2018
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On our Scorecards, we have a measurement "Usage" which is calculated by two Sub Measurements "Call Volumes" and "User Volumes".  As with the overall account healthscore, we would like the ability to add an exception so that if EITHER Call Volumes or User Volumes are red, Usage is automatically set to red.

7 replies

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Hi Jon,

Thanks for sharing this. If i understand correctly, you want to be able to define exceptions for "Group Scores" as well (today you can only define exceptions for the Overall Score)
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Exactly right!
I would second that request. We have a specific need for that as well.
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Hi All, This is a valid request.We have added this to our product backlog.
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Hi Jon, interesting use case here. Is it fair to say that what you are looking for is a MIN function on that group such that the score for the group represents the lowest value of the two child measures? For example, if you had two child measures scores of 25 and 75, instead of showing the average of 50, it would show the score as 25. Is this what you had in mind?

If so there's a way you can do this today.

  • Let's say you have your two sub measures "Call Volumes" and "User Volumes" under the Group measure "Usage". 
  • Add a third sub measure under "Usage" called "Blended Usage"
  • Set the weights for the "Call Volumes" and "User Volumes" to be zero and take the points previously assigned to them and give those points to "Blended Usage"
  • Set "Blended Usage" as an automated measure (meaning it can only be edited by the rules engine).
  • Write a simple rule that fetches the values of "Call Volumes" and "User Volumes" and performs the MIN aggregation on them in the fetch task. 
  • The Setup Action of that rule will write the MIN value from the fetch to the "Blended Usage" measure
  • Then schedule the rule you just created above to run after any rules that you use to set the values of "Call Volumes" and "User Volumes"
This will allow you to have a group score that is the MIN of your two sub measures. 

Hope this helps!
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@jon_harris checking to see whether the solution given by @dan_ahrens worked for you or not?

Keep posting!

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Hello Everyone,

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of the v6.15 release. You can now delete Opportunity Records from GS Opportunity. Admins can now add Exceptions for measure groups as well as use conditions based on measure groups when configuring exceptions for the Overall Score. This gives them more granular control over measure group scores and the Overall Score. Only the measures within a particular group can be used to create an exception for the group.

This feature is implemented in both SFDC and NXT versions.

Thanks for posting!