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Score milestones and link them to Contact(s)

  • 16 April 2015
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I just showed the ability to link milestones to SFDC opportunities, and the CSM loved it!

For a couple of my customers, we're looking to use the milestones as the database for all advocacy and reference activities. For this use case to be truly effective, we would love to be able to add addiitonal attirbutes to each milestones:
  1. Link the milestones to specific contact(s) - For example: if the milestone is about a solution review, we can link all the contacts that participated in the meeting. For a blog that was written by a advocate, we could indicate who that was.
  2. Score the milestone - In some instances, it makes sense to be able to score the milestone. For example: If we log a blog the contact wrote, or a call that was made to the custoemr we can indicate how well it went. In the first instance, we could then leverage the score to rank the contact base and get insights which customer contacts should we use for what purpose, rank them etc.

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