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  • 12 November 2020
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We have noticed that within certain areas of the product we do not seem the same ability when it comes to Gainsight.  Recently, we noticed that with Bionic rules we are able to do a transformation, and filter on a long text field in the rule.  However in DataDesigner this is not an option.  We would like to see this ability across all areas of the product whether it is in DataDesigner or bionic queries and would like the same options present.

4 replies

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@chris_mudd Thanks for sharing it here! I will get back to you on this with full details.

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Faced a similar type of issue recently. Which is “unable to use the Text Area fields in the DD Filters section. Whereas the same Text Area Data Type fields are allowed to use in Report Builder.”

This is because of 

“There is Rich Text Area and Text Area in SFDC, but in Gainsight we have String and Rich Text Areaonly. So any limitation which is applicable for Rich Text Area is also carried forward to Text Area too. cc: @pgeorge  @dstokowski. Reporting understands the difference and lets you filter on Text Areaon SFDC data because Salesforce sends it as filterable in SOQL.


Text Area is not filterable directly in Data Designer and Rules Engine - We will explore the possibility of making this enhancement and see if there was any reason why we have this limitation in the first place. Case transformations work with both Rules Engine and Data Designer - this is fairly consistent. Here is a pic demonstrating the Data Designer’s workaround.




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When is this planned for? Can’t come soon enough.

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Hi @rakesh could you please share your inputs here.