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Rules to update owner of CTAs

  • 13 February 2020
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It would be great to be able to create a rule to update the owner of a CTA. I can manually do this with CTA mass editor, so I feel like I should also be able to do this via an automatic rule.



  • CSM changes and the rule will update the owner to the new CSM
  • When the CTA fired, it was assigned to the default owner. At a later point a CSM is assigned to the account. The rule would update to the CSM now on the account

8 replies

Wondering if anyone has any advice on a work around to automate? 

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Hi @andreammelde @cellis :

Thanks for sharing this use-case. It is there on our roadmap to enhance rules to allow updating of CTA owners. For now the only way is to do it manually via the mass edit tool. I will keep you posted as and when we make any progress on this feature

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Is this still on the roadmap? It would be a huge time saver if we could just set up a rule to automatically reassign CTAs to the new CSM instead of having to use the mass edit tool. 

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@aditya_marla we’re going through a ton of account transitions and this has been the biggest outstanding pain point. Any word on timeline here?

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Is there an update on this? @sai_ram any thoughts? Or can we do this now and I missed the memo?

This is a high priority item for our org, is there an update?

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All, this is something we want to definitely do as a part of our CTA rules enhancement as this problem completely makes sense and is worthy of solving. Given our current roadmap, we would ideally be picking it up in the medium term (Q3-Q4 timeframe). Thank you.

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Let’s definitely do this. This would be great. We also currently have a manual process to utilize the Mass Edit, but that means users may go days without seeing CTAs that should be assigned to them.