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Rule should set CTA due date based on Rule Date

  • 12 February 2016
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I'm trying to load in CTAs that should have been created in the past, since they're based on the customer's contract dates. So, I'm using the rule that is running daily now to create these CTAs, and am running it for a historical date. However, the rule setup is querying for customers based on the [i]rule run date, but the CTA due date is set based on [i]today's date, not based on the [i]rule run date.

For example, we create the renewal CTA 120 days before the contract end date. If I run the rule for Oct 3 2015, it should create the renewal CTAs for customers whose contracts are set to end on Jan 31 2016 (120 days later), and it should set their due dates to Jan 31. However, instead it:
  • Finds the customers who, on Oct 3, were 120 days before their contract end date. (So, it finds the correct customers.)
  • Creates a CTA and sets its due date 120 days ahead of [i]today.
This is aggravating. I'm going to have to create all those CTAs and then set their due dates manually. That will take a huge amount of time since we've just purchased Gainsight, and I'm trying to populate the CSMs' Cockpits with all the renewal (and new-customer) CTAs that they should be working on. Unless the Cockpit has [i]everything that they should pay attention to, then they won't trust the information in Gainsight, and therefore I won't be able to get them to start using the software.

I've tried this two ways in the Rule: the "Run Now" button and set a specific Rule Date, and scheduling the rule and selecting to run it for historical periods starting on the schedule's Start Date. The behavior is the same.

The L2 support team confirmed that this is the current expected behavior, via support ticket 7902.

7 replies

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Seth - I see the merit here. If this is not for the historical run, it will lead to creation of overdue CTA's. That was one of the reason to not use Rule date in the due date field. 

Will wait to see if more customers demand for the same. I have added this in the roadmap.
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Thank you, Sundar. I'm having trouble thinking of a possible use case where I would want to run a rule historically but create the CTA due dates based on today's date. Is there one that you have in mind?
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When you introduce a new process in CSM team and want to create CTA based on the usage spike of a feature and never used that feature again. "Playbook" would be to interview the customers to see what stopped them from continuing. 

The rule date would be used to fetch data like > Rule date - 180  and < Rule date - 90. But CTA would be created with due date of 10 days from now. So that the CSM can complete the exercise within two weeks. 

We should have the both Rule date and Run date is my thought process. Suggestions are welcome.
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Sundar I think that having a radio button would be beneficial for choosing the Rule Date vs Run Date.  If a customer signs on with GS and then wants to backfill some CTAs to get CSMs in the habit of checking Cockpit and beginning to act on upcoming renewals, having this option would be huge.  
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Has there been any sort of updates as far as this functionality goes? Had a customer today question why it always goes off the run date. There are some situations when it would be good to go off the rule date.
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I'll go on the record and own this request! The use case in question was updating health and opportunity status in advance of a renewal. So 117 days out the rule triggered... except I just wrote it. Under the current logic I was able to trigger the rule, but the playbook had people updating renewal status way after the close date.

I was able to adjust the dates and reload through And then I used Mass Update to remove the significantly overdue items.
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Hi guys,
Any change situation about this request? This will be very useful, I have 50% of our CTAs with wrong Due Date because of it.

We have a bunch of use cases that the rules run every day, but the due date is the end of some month.

We try to create an alternative with Process Builder, but it doesn't work I don't know why (maybe because has some Gainsight apex that updates de Due date in the CTA creation).

If someone can check our logic of Process Builder and give some advice will be great as well.

My intention is:
When a CTA is created I want to update the Original Due and Due date to the last day of Today()+7

So we did in Salesforce Process Builder the following steps.

1. [JBCXM__CTA__c].Name contains (uncovered customer) - Sample of some CTA.
2. [JBCXM__CTA__c].JBCXM__Source__c = Rules
3. [JBCXM__CTA__c].JBCXM__Reason__c= a0U1a00000G3APaEAN - Our Reason ID
4. [JBCXM__CTA__c].JBCXM__OriginalDueDate__c is null = false

So, basically get a specific reason with a specific name that was created by rules and has the OriginalDueDate.

After that as immediate action:
Update Due Date and Original Due date field with this formula:
IF(MONTH( TODAY()+7 ) = 12, YEAR( TODAY()+7 )+1, YEAR( TODAY()+7 )),
IF(MONTH( TODAY()+7 ) = 12, MONTH( TODAY()+7 ) - 11, MONTH( TODAY()+7 )+1),
1) -1

So looks like a simples process builder but just doesn't work.

I'm afraid if someone understands why.

Anyway, thanks for help.