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Revenue Band Configuration for # Users rather than MRR or ACV

  • 5 August 2016
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I am proposing that we have the ability to configure revenue bands by additional reportable fields, for instance "# users or subscribers". For example, we could have customers with 5 users but their cost per user varies slightly so if we try to do bands based on MRR, we can't align specifically on user count.

4 replies

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Hi Theresa, 

Would you be able to share some example on how you use these bands in reports and rules engine? I am asking to understand if you have a more general segmentation need and if you would have value in segmenting based on both revenue (MRR or ARR) and # users or subscribers. 
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Hi Sidhu,

These bands would affect our outreach strategy and CTA's, for example, if a customer has less than a certain number of users we would have a more scalable approach to their outreach vs. a customer with a higher number of users.

We also have internal structuring where certain CSM's are aligned with SMB vs. Enterprise accounts for example. Being able to report on the segmentation of users by CSM would allow management to reallocate resources internally.

In the interim, I've tried to align our user counts with MRR bands and adjusted this in the revenue band configuration, but it's not perfect by any means - having the ability to do this out of the box would be appreciated since our subscription model is based on licenses/users.

Let me know if this helps!
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Like the idea here also would like to be able to show revenue band based off the entire relationship. For example, we have some customers that are child accounts showing up as Micro in our segmentation simply because they bill a small amount but in reality they are Strategic because the Parent account with all their child accounts are strategic. On the other side we have some child accounts billing high figures and their parent accounts billing zero so they child is a Large segment while the Parent is Micro. Just isn't very helpful and hurts our reporting majorly. We would like to see this enhancement. 

Did anything come of this since? I think its a great idea.