Restrict who can delete Success Plans

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We want to limit who can delete Success Plans as we are planning to auto-generate initial plans. We want to make sure there isn’t an accidental deletion that we cannot recover, and instead requests to delete to the admin must be made to delete a Success Plan

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What if it’s the admin who accidentally deletes it? :sweat_smile::wink: (I have been guilty of this!) 

I think this could be a useful idea and could also potentially apply to CTAs as well. It would be cool if internal approval processes were supported in general. For example, we have a field that can only be updated by manager approval. It would be pretty awesome if a request could be sent to the CSMs manager for them to approve by toggling it on/off without the Admin having to do so. 

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@ana_g and @andreammelde thanks for sharing this here. Need more up-votes to discuss internally.

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Thank you for sharing interesting requirement. More upvotes will help in it being featured in the roadmap.