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Restrict access to Report Builder using PERMISSIONS

  • 28 January 2019
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We just discovered today that users with Gainsight Standard permissions have the ability to create and save reports in Report Builder, not just Admins.

This line in the Reports and Dashboards Overview document is misleading: "Only Administrators, or other users who are granted access to the report builder, can view and create reports in the Report Builder."

It makes it sound like non-Admin users have to be granted access permissions to use the Report Builder. But apparently if a non-Admin user comes across a link to a report from Report Builder (i.e. buried in an email thread that is inadvertently shared with a non-Admin), that allows them to not only edit that report, but then access the entire report builder. It has nothing to do with permissions.

We do not want end users accessing reports except via dashboards, much less editing them.

This should function similarly to Playbook Permissions and Co-Pilot Permissions - the Admin should be able to control who is allowed to view, create, edit the reports in Report Builder.

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