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Request: Cascade Survey Permissions

  • 1 February 2021
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Gainsight has wonderful permission levels. Lots of granualrity. If I have a user that doesn’t have survey module access but I want to give them survey specific analyze permissions, that should automatically grant them whatever other access they need to view that page. Maybe GS has a window that comes up and shows the permission tree that will need to be enabled and asks for a confirmation?

Otherwise, you need to go through all your permission sets yourself and figure out what’s stopping them from having access.


Bonus points if you can inspect permissions for users (look at Confluence permission levels) to see where in the permission tree they’re being blocked from viewing a page or module.

1 reply

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@bradleymcg Thanks for the feedback!  I will definitely share this with the product team. 


Here are few articles related to Survey permissions.