Reports 2.0: Ability to change X or Y axis numbering to exclude decimal notation

  • 21 September 2015
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When I create a support case report and a customer's case volume is low, the X-axis shows decimal notation, but there is no such thing as 0.25 of a support case. (see image)

Need the ability to determine whether or not the decimal notation is contextually applicable and enable or disable where appropriate.

28 replies

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If I could like this more than once, I would.  You hit exactly the issue.  It's not that the reports are wrong, but I'm embarrassed to show them to management. 
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I opened a support ticket on it. I consider this a bug.  Said he was going to escalate it internally.  

I definitely don't intend to be glib, but up above it said "this is planned for Q2 / Aug release" 2 years ago.  Not sure what happened, but problem still exists...
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Hi Jeff,

I am working with engineering to make bandwidth for this item. I should be able to update here on ETA by early next week.

Really sorry for the inconvenience.