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We need to include reports in table view in our email distributions. Both in CoPilot emails and also in CTA-based emails.

We are trying to create a dashboard style report to distribute to clients to help them understand utilization. There are some data points that really don't make sense in a more graphical format.

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we exactly have similar requirement and it would be really helpful if have the feature to include tabular reports in email templates.
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Hi Elizabeth & Rohit,
Thanks for this idea, we already have this in our roadmap and will update ETA for this release.
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Thanks, Praneet. Is this something on the roadmap for the May release? Is there a place where the roadmap is available for customers to view?

We have a project kicking off now with a target of completion in a few months so having a sense of timing for this enhancement would be really helpful.

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Great suggestion, Elizabeth! I look forward to hearing ETA from Praneet. I know this is an important initiative for you. 
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Hi Elizabeth, 
This is not in for May release i.e. Spring Release but we are looking towards delivering this in August release i.e. Summer Release 
Hi Praneet, 

Is it confirmed that the feature will be available by the August release? I am checking as we have requirements where a tabular report would be an ideal fit and getting a definite ETA would really help.
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Any update on this?  I'm still getting the message that I can't add tabular reports.  
Any update on this feature? We are hoping to implement this soon.
Is there an update on when this will be included in the roadmap? It's also a blocker for us on one of our larger initiatives. Thanks! 
I'm with many others on this string. This would be a great feature to see added. Many reports just don't make sense as visualizations. Is a workaround potentially to use GS Everywhere and push a link to folks rather than embed the report directly in an email?
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HI Elizabeth, 

I came across this thread and realized that what you're hoping to accomplish can now be done using a Share 360 layout. 

You can build a specific Share 360 layout that has specific reports that you want to share with the customer and then email it out via CoPilot (the CoPilot email feature came in the fall release).

See details here on configuring the Shared 360 -
And details here on how to send the link via CoPilot -
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Hi Gabe,

Yes. You are correct. You can use a layout and configure as many reports( tabular or otherwise) and share as a link. You can configure with or without OTP and the shared link will be of live data. Dan has shared some of the links which will help you configure this in the below post. Hope this helps!

Abhishek S
Hi Dan - thanks for sharing the documentation. Going to give this a shot today. One additional question I do have. I noticed in the documentation it notes that this should only be used for internal users currently. From the doc: "Gainsight highly recommends customers not to include external contacts
to the GS User object, they can share layouts internally for now and
wait until the next major release to share externally."

What is the specific reason for this? Is it just because of the OTP functionality or is there some other reason?

Thanks - Gabe
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Hi Gabe, that's great news that you'll be trying this feature out!

The reason we added this in the release notes was because we did not have external sharing with Contacts for the Summer release and was only available for internal users. We have already released the feature to share with external persons with our  Fall release. 
(Edited after clarification from the lead PM) 

Hope this helps. Please do share how you make out!
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Hi Gabe, 
The Intended End-Users section in the Configure Share 360 doc is updated. Here is the link for the same:
Hi! Thanks for the insight. One quick question. It has been possible to share dashboards as a PPT, and schedule them to be sent as needed. I am wondering if with the ability to share dashboards as a live link we will have the same ability to send the dashboards as a link?

Is there a way to send this link via copilot? Maybe just hard-coding it? Would love to for it to work the same way as the PPT sharing works.

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Dashboard sharing via CoPilot can be done via hard coding if you set the shared dashboard link not to require OTP, send the dashboard share link to your own email and then copy the link that arrived in the email to the CoPilot outreach template. 

One thought to keep in mind that makes dashboard sharing superior to sending a dashboard via a PPT attachment is that the Dashboard sharing link is always real time data whenever it is accessed (vs an attachment that is a snapshot of data when the export was created). 

So, rather than needing to send a scheduled email with the dashboard sharing link, it's preferred to send a single share email and have the recipient either save the email or bookmark the link so it's always available to them. 
Thanks Dan. To be clear, sharing as a PPT was never an option for us, the way the export looks is pretty unreadable. 

Scheduling would be great. While I do agree saving and bookmarking are options now, an email just serves as a wonderful alert, kind of like a CTA, - in our case - for users outside the system. 

I will go with hardcoding. Thanks!

Just for the record, the solution above did not work as expected. Unfortunately a token is generated per user not per dashboard. So the URL for a dashboard is not unique for a dashboard. 
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Did you copy the link before or after it was opened in a browser?

I wrote this up earlier today here:

If you copy the link [i]´╗┐after´╗┐ it's been opened in the browser, then it does have the token and you can't use that link. 

The key is to copy the link that is in the original email sent from Gainsight when you share the dashboard ([i]before it's opened in a browser window). 
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I have a use for this as well. I'd like to be able to send our product operations team an email message with a table containing all of the subscription details (opportunity product) for a deal that has closed. We planned to use this to create a JIRA ticket internally to get the customer workspace configured for new customers, and verify that everything is correctly set up for renewing customers.