Report builder - show 3, by 2 bubble chart

  • 19 January 2021
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A show 3, by 2 bubble chart needs a legend to toggle the second “by”. Right now it groups by color but doesn’t show what the colors mean anywhere. 


5 replies

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@jlicciardello Thanks for sharing it here. I will check and get back to you on this.

@sai_ram @jlicciardello 
We have already addressed this problem in Revamped Reporting.

We might not be supporting it in legacy Reporting as Revamped Reporting GA is nearing.
FYI @gurukancham @rakesh 


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Great! When is revamped reports going GA?

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Great! When is revamped reports going GA?

@jlicciardello The new Horizon report builder is next evolution of reporting for both NXT and SFDC customer. Its currently beta planned to be released in a month or two. 

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Hello Everyone,

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and implemented in the Horizon Analytics in both SFDC (Link) & NXT (Link) versions. Horizon Analytics has new capabilities such as responsive charts and dashboards, flexible dashboards with more widgets (Image, Web Page, Rich Text), etc. 

Following are the major advantages of Horizon Analytics:

  • New and improved User Interface based on the Gainsight Horizon Design System.

  • Easy access to a list of Reports and Dashboards.

  • Easy to share your Report and Dashboard through PPT or Link.

  • Ability to retrieve the deleted Reports or Dashboards from the Trash folder.

  • Easy to enable/disable the Report data downloads (including external links)

  • Easy to enable/disable the lazy loading of Report Widgets.

  • Easy to select the Color Palette, either Gainsight Defaults or Custom Colors.

  • Simplified drag and drop capability for adding fields to the Report.

Thanks for posting!