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Report Builder - !Necessary Upgrades!

  • 20 May 2021
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  • Formula fields do no return a %. If a formula should return a % the output is just 1. (Ex. Win % = Won annualized value/Price Paid Last Year = 75.46%. The current output is 1.)
  • Formula fields needs to be configurable by summary level. Currently, the only summary option is “all or nothing” and is only available if you format a field to include a column calculation, of which the only options are: Sum, AVG, and Median - which again not helpful if your formula field is a %. (Ex. The “grand total” roll up of the above example is just a count of how many records have any value in that field. So rather than saying X win % for the dataset, it just gives a count of the records that had any value in the field.)
  • Formula fields on the new Report Builder should be editable. If I need to update a number or other field in a formula field I should be able to make changes on the fly (use case is updating goal %’s). Currently the only thing I can make changes to in a saved formula field is the operators. 
  • Column calculations do not currently consider the data types of the fields they reference. (Ex. Price Paid Last Year (Currency) x % = Y (number))

4 replies

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@jochle thank you for sharing the thoughts here. Redirecting this to the product team for more visibility. 

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@sai_ram Thanks. Happy to connect on this use case if they are interested.

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Hi @jochle 


Thanks for the feedback. PFA my comments on your four points:

  • Can you check the decimal places for this one? I don't think we round off to 1 here. 
  • If the formula field is a %, we need to follow the window functions. Current formula fields capability in reporting is single row formula capability only. We have heard quite a few use-cases for these window functions and this is on our roadmap. To be sure that we are covering your use cases in the design, can you share them here?
  • I will check this one to understand if there are any technical limitations behind this design
  • Agree, we are planning to increase the data types in formula fields (especially % and currency) to handle these use cases
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Hi Rakesh, 

  • I believe I found how to apply decimals to these fields. It is not where you actually configure the field formula. You actually have to create the field add it to the report and then you are able to configure the decimals. Might make sense to just have most of the configuring in the same spot if possible.
  • The challenge right now, is that when configuring the formula field there is an field for column calculations. The only options are sum and average. We don’t actually want to perform an additional calculation, we just want to apply the actual formula to the entire dataset. For example, we don’t care what the Won % is for Won opportunities. We care about what the Won % is for all opportunities, but need to be able to view the data in the summarized format (by stage) so that CSMs can see which opportunities exist inside of each stage and their contribution to that stage (summary).
  • Thanks for checking into this one.
  • Thanks.