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  • 12 November 2018
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Do we have the ability to utilize the column line chart off a single data source, similar to the google doc graph below?

3 replies

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Hi Elliot,

Column line visualization gets activated when there are 2 fields in show me and 1 in group by. First field in show me becomes the column and the second field becomes line by default. We are currently thinking to enhance Column line to support up to 6 fields in show me and give admins the option to chose a line. 

Unfortunately, even with the above enhancement, we cannot build the graph you are suggesting. Currently, in report builder, we cannot add a single field multiple times. One way to do that is to populate the previous year's data in a custom field, extract month to a distinct field and then group by month's field while showing both the current and previous year's data fields in show me. Basically, do the same at data level (via rules) what you did in excel!

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Hi Rakesh.

As you mentioned, “We are currently thinking to enhance the Column line to support up to 6 fields in show me and give admins the option to chose a line.” waiting for this feature.

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Hello Everyone,

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and implemented in the Horizon Analytics in both SFDC NXT versions. Horizon Analytics has new capabilities such as responsive charts and dashboards, flexible dashboards with more widgets (Image, Web Page, Rich Text), etc. 

Following are the major advantages of Horizon Analytics:

  • New and improved User Interface based on the Gainsight Horizon Design System.

  • Easy access to a list of Reports and Dashboards.

  • Easy to share your Report and Dashboard through PPT or Link.

  • Ability to retrieve the deleted Reports or Dashboards from the Trash folder.

  • Easy to enable/disable the Report data downloads (including external links)

  • Easy to enable/disable the lazy loading of Report Widgets.

  • Easy to select the Color Palette, either Gainsight Defaults or Custom Colors.

  • Simplified drag and drop capability for adding fields to the Report.

Thanks for posting!