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Renewal Center - Report on Renewals by Opportunity Type

  • 27 May 2020
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Some feedback I’ve recieved as more of our people are using renewal center, is that they would like to see something in line with the FORECAST BY BOOKING TYPE report, but by Opportunity Type, rather than stage, so that they can easily see which opportunities are mid-term renewals, vs end-of-term, etc…


I believe we could build something similar in our own dashboard, but as we’d like to make Renewal Center the primary hub for details on Renewals, it would be great if something like that could be done here.

3 replies

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Thanks for the feedback Tyler. Is your expectation to replace stage in these charts? If so why is stage not relevant in your org?


Or are you looking to add an additional chart that breaks things down by opportunity type?

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I believe the intent was an additional chart, so that in addition to progress on the opp (stage) they can also easily get a feel for how many upsells or downsells are mid-term vs end-of-term, etc...

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@tyler_tew most customer environments I've seen so far have not used opportunity type as extensively  or in consistent fashion to make the breakouts applicable for everyone. 


A more robust solution might come from Gainsight Home which enables you to create custom reports and also include widgets from the various product areas. This is something we are currently working on, but I do not have a confirmed date yet.