Renewal Center - Ability to Resize Drill Down "Pop Up"

  • 28 April 2021
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If you’re on the analyze tab of renewal center, and you click on a widget report to drill down, you’re taken to a detailed view on the right hand side of the screen with some columns and the rest of the screen is greyed out. 

What I don’t understand is why this is maybe 1/3 at most of the usable screen area. If I add one or two extra columns from the default, I have to scroll left and right, and some of the columns are super narrow. Seeing the background doesn’t do me any good, because if the widget you clicked on is on the right side of the screen that gets totally covered anyways.

I would like this to either just take up more of the screen, allow me as an admin to set a default width, or at the very least allow you to drag the drill down and make it wider if needed.


I didn’t include a full screen shot as I didn’t want to take time to hide all the data, but LOOK AT ALL THAT UNUSED SPACE! Is this a drill down for ants? For real though, help me make this make sense.


I know you can scroll side to side but end users don’t like this, and the other space doesn’t seem to be functionally used so can we leverage it please?

3 replies

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@bradleymcg thank you for sharing the inputs, I am redirecting this with the product team.

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@bradleymcg Agree that the screen  real estate can be used more effectively by expanding the pop up. Will discuss this with our design team and will prioritise.

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This is true across most of the “Horizon” experience UI now. So much wasted space and unnecessary scrolling. And on laptop screen sizes, which is more and more common with flexible working, some areas becomes almost unusable. Please consider user-ability not just prettiness in your designs...