Removing reports from Dashboard

  • 16 June 2021
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  • Gainsight Employee: Shoshin
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Usecase: There are around 15 global filters in the dashboard over all the reports in the dashboard. While I’m trying to remove couple of reports from the dashboard it is not letting me do so and as individually I should remove it from the global filters first. 

Idea: While removing any report that is used in global filters from Dashboard if we can have the option to remove the report directly without having to individually remove them from the global filters first then it would be super helpful.


3 replies

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@shivani thank you for sharing!

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The filters experience on dashboards is definitely cumbersome. I couldn’t agree more with this. 

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Hi All,

Agree that this is definitely cumbersome. 

Which is why we have simplified this flow in Horizon Analytics. Do reach out to your CSM or our team if you want an early rollout.