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Remove Company Lookup on User object

  • 23 July 2020
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Could we please have the option to remove the Company Lookup on the User object. Our Users (i.e. SF licence holders - we use the connector to bring them in) are not related to a company in Gainsight, but when using reports any of the user related fields such as Created By, Modified By, Owner all have lookups to Company so if I search for a company field they also all come up, this is quite confusing and is a blocker to me opening up access to reporting to additional persons in the business (that are not aware of object structure etc) as they can easily pick the wrong field and get no results. 

TBF this probably goes for other system/standard objets and fields - we should at least be able to choose to hide them in reporting (e.g. if we’re not loading anything to them). 

4 replies

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@HollySimmons Sorry for the delay here! I will work with product team as well as look for any alternate and get back to you. Thanks!

Hi @HollySimmons,

Let me know, if my understanding is correct. Because of standard and System lookups created, is it difficult for you to choose the right fields especially when the Custom lookups to same objects are defined?

If the above is true, we have some plans in the roadmap for the capability to edit certain attributes for our Standard and System fields. We will also check if we can also include the ‘hide in reporting’ attribute as well.


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Hi @soumitrasahu , yes because there is a lookup to company from the user object; 


then in reports I can end up picking a field from the company associated to a user, but these will always be blank as we don’t associate our users (which are our internal staff) to companies. 




Hi @HollySimmons ,

Thanks for the explanation. We have got the idea you have mentioned here. The post has been moved to ‘Under Consideration’.