Remapping Tokens after editing an email

  • 18 April 2019
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There are times a typo is identified in an email template or a minor change is made that does not impact the mapping of the tokens. However, if an email template is modified, you must remap all the tokens in the email for:

  • Email Assists
  • Journey Orchestrator
This creates a hinderance when nothing changed with the tokens. Is there a way to make edits without having to remap tokens for each place the template is used?

5 replies

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OH my goodness! YES PLEASE. This is a huge need! thanks for posting this @lane_h :)

THIS. Much time and headache would be saved.

This would be an incredible time saver!!

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I don't see the described behavior with JO and we do this all the time.

However, for eMail Assist, yes, and it's a pain. To get it to work, we even had situations when remapping the tokens was not enough: we had to recreate the step. A definite MUST!

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Today I went through the same pain 😢

I made minor changes to the template and looking for the changes, but found it finally.

I searched on community to raise a request but found a queue here 🙂