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Relationship scorecards: save the help text on the Measure.

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We currently have 15 different Relationship types, so we also have 15 different Relationship Scorecards (since we can't reuse the same scorecard for more than one Relationship).  I've added the same 6 Measures to each of the 15 Scorecards, but I have to configure the help text on each of those 90 Measures separately now.  It would be really helpful if the help text configuration could be added to the Measure when that's created, rather than after it's on the Scorecard, so that it could be configured once per Measure, rather than having to copy and paste every time the Measure is re-used. 

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Even though the same measure is used in different scorecards, it is quite possible that you would use a measure in one scorecard might be totally different from how the measure would be scored in another scorecard. That is why we have not kept measure help text to be configured at the measure definition level but at an individual scorecard level.

Hope this helps.

Abhishek S
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Understand the possibility of using the same measure in different ways on different scorecards, but possibly could have a default that's saved on the measure that can be edited on the individual scorecards?  

There's got to be some better way than individually configuring more or less the same thing 90 different times.