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Recurring CTA Should be Visible in Cockpit and Status Should Not Default to Open

  • 29 January 2020
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When a CSM creates a Recurring CTA the initial CTA disappears from their view (in Cockpit and C360) and remains open indefinitely. This causes problems for the Rules Engine when trying to create CTAs for accounts without an existing open CTA because the system still thinks there is an open CTA on the account. It also creates inaccuracies in reporting because the Recurring CTA shows as open even though the CSM completed the activity.

5 replies

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I’ve long thought there needed to be some revamp done on the recurring CTAs.  Like this post here:

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@heather_hansen sorry, this is currently not in our road-map, we have many new things coming in the road-map. We will definitely consider this request too based on the customer's interest.

@All, I request to vote for this enhancement so that the priority will be increased.

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@anna_whitehouse @heather_hansen reading you posts is like living my pain with reporting this week on CTAs.

Creating a parent holding CTA for recurring CTAs is not fun! It is a ghost CTA that is open and overdue forever. I regret suggesting our team to use the recurring feature.

@sai_ram @sahil_nazir @thejaswi_puvvada 

Closing or deleting the recurring CTA has no impact on the actual child CTAs created using recurring option.

It would be best to mark the child CTAs with a recurring flag and hide the parent holding CTA


Show the Parent CTA as a holding object and don’t allow it to be overdue or open!!! There is no true action for the CSMs to take on the holding CTA object AFAIK the use case.

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@anna_whitehouse , @heather_hansen , @aparimala : We have hidden the Parent CTA even from report builder or elsewhere, so that you wont see any open or overdue CTAs.

Note: The fix applies to all the historical Parent CTAs too and even they gets hidden.

Let me know if this helped.

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@hitesh_sharma is this effective already or a proposed solution? We use SFDC version of GS.

Because I am manually adding this filter in all the CTA report and will save some time.