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Re-assign ownership of objective CTA's via Mass Edit

  • 23 October 2020
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Hi Team,


Currently, we won't be able to use the CTA Object in mass edit to change the owner of the objective as an auto-added filter is in place.  Customer would like to be able to reassign the assignee.


I know it is not on near term roadmap. But can we priortize it? Customer has to do lot of manual efforts to change each assignee. 





2 replies

Hi Hardik,


Thank you for posting this. As mentioned above, we are looking for an easier way to reassign the objective CTAs as we have a Success Plan heavy use-case. 

This is aimed at looking at the future since a team can have people joining them/leaving them all the time. In such scenarios, or even when there is reshuffling, the CSM ownership of accounts can vary based on region changes/territory changes.

This will make it extremely difficult for a smooth transition between accounts as the ownership of each Objective CTA will need to be updated manually

Can the Product Team look into this and provide an option to Mass Edit Objective Type CTAs?




In addition to this - I found this article which states that the Mass Edit for Objective CTAs has been implemented.

@hardik_mota - Can you kindly verify if this is true and if yes how to implement it?