quick link of Zendesk or ticket submission button from Gainsight c360

  • 30 March 2016
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We have a report 2.0 to pull info of open zendesk ticket into c360. However, the challenge is to create a new ticket (e.g. the CSM in gainsight talking to the customer on the phone) and to follow up any existing tickets, CSM would have to go to zendesk page, log in, search the ticket # /account name, or create a new ticket from there. It's doable but it's not efficient. And my team is asking if there is anything gainsight can do to make the switch btw the two platforms more convenient? 

ideas including  
1) ticket hyperlink - which I believe today's integration can achieve
2) quick link from gainsight c360 to zendesk page of the same account (same concept of c360 to sfdc account linkage) 
3) a create new ticket button 

#2 and #3 would be very helpful and make gainsight-zendesk integration more worthwhile. 

1 reply

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Hi Annie,

#1 Ticket Hyperlink is available currently.

#2 Zendesk doesn't have a default view for Organization (equivalent to Salesforce account). How to land on Zendesk where you see tickets under a single organization is something we need to do some study. 

#3 We will get our PM involved

Let us know if you have any suggestion/thoughts