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Pull all SFDC activity history into Timeline - Timeline 2 way sync with Salesforce activities

  • 20 November 2018
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Our CSM's love how Timeline looks because it has the details of the activities clearly listed and easy to read in one view, since the viewing of activity history in Salesforce is very clunky. The only issue is that since it's not a 2 way sync, they only show timeline activities they've logged manually from Gainsight and not the entire account activity history.

As a stop-gap, I have an activities report on the C360 and we are not mandating nor implementing/sharing the use of timeline (nor are we currently syncing it back to SFDC).

If we could see the entire activity history from an account in this timeline view, we would suggest more use out of it from our reps, but currently all of our calls/emails/meetings automatically log back into SFDC from other apps, so we don't want to give them too many places for logging.

Also, couldn't find another post for this surprisingly although I'm sure it exists. Feel free to "Close" or merge this if it exists elsewhere! :)

9 replies

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I recently posted this feature request as well, Theresa. Totally agree that this is a necessary addition. If the aim of Timeline is to give a complete timeline of the entire customer journey and the interactions therein, maybe you agree a support ticket feed is also absolutely necessary...?(we use Zendesk)

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Yes, we use Zendesk as well and had to have our BizTech team code an integration so they create Cases in SFDC so the CSM's could report on them... Would love to see a Zendesk ticket feed as well!

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+1 to this request! However, my only worry would be that it would make Timeline very cluttered, as our SFDC Task History has so many logs from Marketing, Sales, etc that might not be that important.

If there was a way that gave CSMs or the Admin control over what they wanted to sync back to Timeline that would be great! Also would have to make sure there isn't duplicates from the Timeline activity syncing to SFDC and then back again to Timeline.

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Hi Theresa,

we would liike to implement the same stop-gap "activities report on the C360". I'm trying to build a report on Activity History ( object) but get no data back. Is this the data object you used? Activity History?



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Hey Lyne! I used the SF object "Task" as the source for my activity history report. Hope this helps!

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Thanks Theresa. I was trying Activity history but the report came back with no results. "Task" makes sense. Thanks again! Happy New Year!

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@lila_meyer @dan_ahrens The FAQ for Timeline has the following:

Do activities logged in SFDC sync back to Gainsight? Can they be imported, or is it a one way sync?

Currently, it's a one way sync. Bi-directional sync is on the roadmap.

Can you automatically write things to Timeline via rules?

No, but it is on the roadmap.

Where are these two things on the roadmap? We'd love for the ability to sync SFDC activity history onto the Timeline but also have the ability to choose what syncs over.

We do have a report of the Activity History on the C360 but the timeline is ultimately where we want to view it.

+1 to this request! Having the ability to see all account activity history in the GS Timeline would be extremly beneficially for our Customer Success team so they do not need to be jumping back and forth from Salesforce to Gainsight. This would also allow us to generate better reporting of time allocated per account throughout the customer life cycle.

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Heard this feature was coming this month? Would love to test if that would be helpful.


Anxious to see how comprehensive the feature is and whether it covers our use. Personally I would love to pull SFDC activity history, Zendesk ticket history, training history, as well as any survey responses into timeline…


If someone from GS product could clarify whether there are any planned restrictions in terms of data that could be pulled into Timeline through Rules engine I would appreciate.