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Provide Help-Text Box within Logs Tab in Data Operations

  • 9 April 2021
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Hi all,

After raising a support ticket with Gainsight, I learned that the Logs tab within Data Operations stores activities performed only on low volume custom objects. While there is detailed documentation on this, there is no indication within the actual interface that this is the case. I’m requesting that there be some sort of help-text that indicates this. Again, while I know documentation exists around this matter, I believe seeing this information directly within the platform would be more effective and time-saving than going to search for the documentation.

Thanks for considering this!


7 replies

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@minh_phan @neelam_mukherjee - some good feedback for some needed in-app microcopy. 

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Thanks @dan_ahrens for tagging us.

@suresh_kumar let’s work with the respective PM to create & add a help-text in the application [this message can be embedded or we can use PX tooltip engagement]. Once the task is complete, let’s update the status here.

@sai_kumar please mark this community request as ‘Need Follow up’ in the master track-sheet.


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Sure @neelam_mukherjee , I am adding @ssamarth for more info here. FYI @sai_kumar 

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Hi @kstim thank you for your suggestion. We have now added a tooltip in the for Fetch logs page.

FYI @dan_ahrens@minh_phan@neelam_mukherjee@sai_ram 

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Hi there,

Thanks for implementing this! Unfortunately, I’m not seeing the tooltip on my end. Any suggestions? 


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Thanks @kstim, we’re looking into it.  Ideally it should appear... 

@sakumar let’s have a quick call to identify the blocker and resolve it.

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Sure @neelam_mukherjee . @kstim could you please let us know the MDA tenant ID, so that we can check more on it.