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Program testing and failure notification for creating CTAs is inadequate

  • 28 July 2021
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We recently had a Program created in Nxt edition that involved a conditional wait and then creating a CTA.  After the conditional wait, it looked like everything was fine on the snapshot view and no failure notifications were received, however, the participant status changed to drop and no CTAs were created.  The root cause was a mapping issue (ticket 154293).  The mapping issue could not be resolved by a backend process, so I need to manually create all qualifying CTAs (breaking the link with the program itself). 

This is an unacceptable outcome.  

The product enhancement requests related to this are:

  • Create an error message if the wrong type of field is selected for the mapping so this does not occur
  • Create a failure notification email for the CTA failure, same as scheduled rules have
  • Enable testing on a participant list that allows the admin to confirm mapping on CTAs, including the owner and tokens

1 reply

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This happened to us a couple of days ago. We QAed the program manually before rolling it out, and thankfully we caught it as a result, but this would have greatly impacted us if we hadn’t caught the issue beforehand (~500 CTAs would have failed).


The Program Activity also stated that the CTA was created even though the participants activity showed the participant was dropped because the CTA creation failed.