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Preview for Merged and Pivoted tasks within the Rules Engine

  • 6 August 2019
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I would like the ability to preview the data from a merge task in the Rules Engine. I know we can preview the data with export to S3, but this is too cumbersome when you have to rewrite the rule multiple times to get the data set you really want. I saw that this is a batch process that happens on the backend, but it would be nice to be able to see a preview of a few lines of data, even if I had to wait a minute or two. Right now I have to go through 10 steps to see how the data is merged or pivoted.

This is already a "Question" but it is not an idea post yet, I thought this might help move it along.

3 replies

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Hi Perry,

We recently loosed restrictions on allowing a rule to run without any setup actions, or without a single output from any transformations or merges, so if you have finished a merge task and want to see the output, just jump over to the setup action tab and run the rule as a test. Then check the execution history and all of the results will be there for you after the rule is processed.

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+1 to this. This would be super helpful if it was as easy to preview the merged data as it was the individual data sets, even if there was a bit of a wait.

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Hi @perry_rogers 

We have this capability in Data Designer today. You can preview merges and transform with some limitations.

In addition to this in our medium-term horizon, we plan to make sure Rules Engine also has all these functionalities.