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{Posting on behalf of Customer}- Ability to choose to have SFDC Production details be pulled into Sandbox during Sandbox refresh

  • 3 December 2020
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Hey Team,


We have come across User data being pulled from SFDC Production to SFDC Sandbox during the Sandbox Management refresh. However, the Username in SFDC production is different from the Username in SFDC Sandbox while the SFDC User ID can be the same. This causes issues in duplicates as multiple Users have the same SFDC User ID.


Would it be possible we make this a choice or prevent pulling in the User data(except for the Oauth)? Kindly do let us know if there are better ways to avoid these Duplicate Users.

1 reply

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@prithvi_vihari we are looking into adding this to our roadmap. 

There is a suggestion which can be followed like asking customers not to delete connections or that will create duplicate users if same users are pulled in the new connection.