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Pop-up asking for reason and action while changing a Health score.

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Hi All,

There is one requirement that I have got from one of our customer, I checked internally but seems like this isn't possible with current functionality in place. Here is the requirement, let me know if it's possible---

One of our CSM managers wants to have a pop-up appear when someone changes 
a health score. He wants the pop-up to ask:

Reason (dropped-down list) 
- New executive sponsor 
- Pricing 
- Product issues 
- RFP (Request for Proposal) 
- Other 

Action Taken (text. Limit to 20 characters) 
Not sure if that's possible. He's not interested in a CTA because that's 
another step that his team would have to go into and they might forget to 
do it. 

Is it possible to add these two fields to the scorecard section so they 
would all be together?

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