Please make it so each Reasons is associated with a specific CTA Type

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We have a list of 20+ reasons. Some of these reasons are only used when CTA type = opportunity, some reasons are oly used when CTA type = Risk. 

When creating a CTA our SMs need to scroll through a long list when half the Reasons are not applicable. 

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Exactly, Megan! All existing reasons were migrated to 'All'. Whatever you add under 'Event' would be specific to that CTA Type.
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Harris - This works exactly like Playbooks. You can define reasons specific to each CTA Type by selecting it from the drop-down, and you can have certain reasons that apply to all CTA Types under 'All'.
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Manu, I went into the CTA reason and selected Event in the drop down, and reentered my CTAs reasons that I want solely for event, and now when I create a new CTA, and select type event, I see these reasons at the top, but I also still see the collective list in that view. The goal was to only see the Event type list as a shorter list. Am I doing something wrong? I can log a case too.
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Hi Megan,

What reasons show up when 'Event' type is selected is controlled by (1) what you have configured solely for events (through the drop-down), and (2) what you have configured under 'All' (applies to all Types). I think you might be seeing more reason codes because of #2. Could you please check once?