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When needing to add fields that a rule can load to, the expectation when you hit the back button after you save is that it will take you to the page the brought you to this section. In actuality, this button takes you back to the landing page for the Rules Engine. By doing this, we introduce at least 3 unneeded clicks for the end user. 
  1. Selecting Rule
  2. Selecting Step 3
  3. Recreating the action they were building.

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Hi Lane,

I agree. This is not needed for MDA objects and fields of MDA objects. Thanks for the feedback.
I will let you know when it gets prioritised.

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+1 for this please as I have just posted a similar ask/enhancement. Huge waste of clicks and time. Build this into the field creation/edit UI instead of a serparate process.

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Completely agree. On the same note, I still have a hard time understanding why we need to add permissions to MDAs. If we created them, we definitely need to use them.