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Percentage field handling in Rules Engine

  • 14 March 2017
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In data ingestion, using COM or GS Connect or S3, whenever we ingest data to a percentage field(without percentage symbol), it is multiplied by 100 and displayed with % symbol. Consider ingesting value 0.25, it is displayed as 25%.

We are not supporting this behavior using rules, if I'm loading 0.25 from source to target - it is getting displayed as 0.25%. It should be consistent across Rules Engine and data ingestion tools.

1 reply

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Phaneendhar  - Rules Engine does not do the automatic transformation of multiplying by 100 considering the symbol because our transformation layer cannot deterministically identify whether to multiply or not. So we are not doing any automatic transformation in this scenario. 
We are adding the capability to multiply with a constant in Rules Engine formula field in Spring release with which you can do it. Right now you can do it by adding a formula in the source either in MDA or in SFDC.