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"Partially Submitted" Survey Responses in JO Programs

  • 29 November 2021
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Description of Use Case: We have a survey that we’ve selected to include Partial Responses for 10 days.  We are sending a survey email, and then, 2 days later a reminder email, and then, if we don’t have a response in 5 days, we’re creating a CTA.

Problem Discovered:  Partial Responses don’t prohibit the No Response CTA from being created, and there’s not a way for me to tell the journey to look at that before creating the CTA. Also, when trying to troubleshoot, discovered that the participant with a partial response was shown as completing the journey on the date the CTA was fired (which makes sense), but then his survey response was dated to when he partially completed it, and not when the system did, so it looked like the CTA generated when he had responded.

Ask(s): 1. Make the conditional wait for survey responses more flexible like normal conditional waits where I could tell it to consider partially submitted surveys as responded and not generate the CTA if I want to.  Side Note: I can add another conditional wait for “Yes” Responded, but not for “No”. 2. Let me add filters to the CTA to tell it not to fire in certain situations.  3. 


2 replies

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@PavanCh just to bring this on your radar

 We’ve run into something similar and would like filtering options on the conditional wait.