Options to change week settings

  • 11 January 2018
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 As of today we do not provide any configurable options to change the week settings for MDA objects. By default it will be Monday (start day of week) - Sunday (end day of week).

Having Monday as the start of the week does not make sense for all orgs, do we have plans in the future to be able to have this adjustable?


4 replies

This would be of help for our organization as our usage data starts on the week beginning Sunday (which is configurable in Gainsight) and when looking at usage data in a report format is confusing to not have the start of week day align with what was set up under Usage Configuration.
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Right the week definition of usage data is configurable in usage configuration.

Mike - Is your question specific to the reporting filter that you use where you select the period as week and it selects Monday as a start date for the week by default?
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We have ran into this issue as well. We receive usage data from some sources daily and others in an aggregated weekly form. Our weekly usage is captured Sun-Sat (typical for the retail industry that we work with). The date within those reports is a 'Week Ending Date' of the Saturday that the data represents. However, if we want to build a dashboard with our daily data, the data is grouped with the week representing Mon-Sun which is very confusing for our team. 
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Bumping this to the top for more visibility and to increase the priority.