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Option to remove NPS depiction from C360

  • 30 June 2017
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Customer would like the option to remove the depiction of NPS (with picture of a scale) from the Surveys section in the C360, as it is anticipated to cause potential confusion to some users. Market Research team objects to showing this to users because it is not the company NPS, just a subset by customer. Leaving the NPS Responses in place will allow users to see individual responses but not potentially misinterpret the "NPS" shown. 

1 reply

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I suggest you consider not including the Survey section and instead build reports directly on Survey data to show whatever you want.  Having said that, we have never heard that concern before so wonder if it would be an issue in practice.  All of the data in the whole 360 is just for the specific customer so it would make sense that this would also be related only to surveys from that customer.