Option to not display inactive picklist fields even if grayed out

  • 11 March 2020
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Seems across the product if we make a picklist value inactive it will still show in the dropdown but grayed out. This request is to have it not show at all.

The below is in NXT when adding a field to the CTA object that references a drop down list. When I add that field to the CTA view, the inactive values still show.


4 replies

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@alex_legay Thanks for sharing it here! I have redirected this to our product team. 

@sai_ram  - Thank you for taking this to the product team. Can we please expedite this to have a fix ASAP? This has been a big concern for all the customers and causing issues when trying to select the values.

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I had another customer contact support on this issue. Do we know if this something on the roadmap to fix?

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Is it planned to hide the inactive dropdown options? Had a customer ask about this today, the inactive options still appearing in the dropdown can cause confusion and the cluttered dropdown list doesn’t look great