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Option to change a Subject field in the Activity Timeline

  • 26 July 2018
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We have a Subject field on the existing Log a Call in Salesforce that is a drop-down with our own custom values. The Subject field in Gainsight is just a free form text field. How do we get the values from the SF Subject drop-down to show in the GS Subject field? Also, if we are to implement this change, what is the best approach to avoiding overwriting the existing Log a Call subjects that have already been entered in GS? 

So basically, Subject on Activities is a special "combo" field that acts as both a Text and a Picklist field.

You can modify the fixed list of subjects by going to Setup > Customize > Activities > Task Fields > Subject

Also, if you want to enforce the picklist side of the Subject field and not allow users to enter their own Text subject, you could create a validation rule:

But when coming to Gainsight Activity timeline: Subject field, it is a normal text field. 

4 replies

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Hi Shiv,

A custom drop-down field can be added to the activity layout and it can be made mandatory. This field can be synced to the Subject field in Salesforce instead of syncing from the subject field in timeline activity.

Would this approach help?

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Thanks Rajesh!
We tried to suggest the same to the user/customer but the main hurdle here is that the Subject is a default mapping in Activity Timeline which is not editable.
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Allowing the subject field to be a custom dropdown list would allow us to:

  • Standardize how CSMs are titling activities like Quarterly Plans (a custom activity type)
  • The selection would also be shown in the Timeline view for leadership to quickly see the right activity to view

Is this possible/on the radar?

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@jessica_owens Thanks for moving this to the top. We have many enhancements coming through the timeline in near time. Let me check whether this is part of the road-map.