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  • 24 January 2017
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This came as an idea from Noy at HPE ADM: 

The team is currently using Quip, and they would like to see Quip integrated into Gainsight. Quip is a collaboration tool to allow teams to collaborate on documents, drive next steps, etc. 

Will be interesting to look at what Quip offers vs. vision for Timeline vs. SFDC Chatter

3 replies

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Would love to dig into how Quip is being used and what pieces have to be integrated.
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This is a fairly old request but I’m hoping to bring it back to life. Our Account managers are using Quip for Account Plans. While we have the Gainsight Widget embedded in Salesforce Account and Opportunity level, to really collaborate a Quip integration would be necessary.

Today our Success Managers are being asked to replicate much of their Gainsight Success Plans  manually in Quip which causes some friction.

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@martin_kraemer acknowledged your request. We would need more time to check the feasibility. I will update you here. Thanks!!!