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Objective Type CTA - Allow Rules Engine Interaction

  • 23 July 2021
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Success Plan objectives are CTAs. CTAs can be created, updated, closed via rules. But not Objective CTAs.


Please just add Objective to the CTA types you can interact with in the rules engine/JO or wherever rules are manipulated.


In addition to the numerous use cases you’d have for leveraging rules with CTAs, here’s one for objectives:


You have a process to handoff data from a sales team into Gainsight - based on that data you want to create a success plan, but the objectives of the success plan will vary slightly based on that data, as will the attached playbooks. Yes you can create multiple SP templates, but if you have more than one or two different combinations this will be obnoxious and not feasible to maintain.

3 replies

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@bradleymcg We intentionally made this non-editable and this is not in our road-map for now. I will once again check with the Product team on this and get back to you.

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@sai_ram Any possibility of sharing why? This is a pretty big feature gap IMO and seems unnecessarily gatekept. Seems not out of the realm of possibility that certain objectives can be created/updated based on data from another system - this just saves end users from having to make those changes/updates manually.

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we are evaluating “update CTA actions” in rule engine for all CTA types including objectives. We will let you know once we have made progress